128oz uKeg Growler (Copper & Matte Black)

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The World is your Taproom! Developed by beer enthusiasts in the craft beer capital of Portland, Oregon, the GrowlerWerks uKeg allows you to essentially take the keg with you wherever you go!

This easy-to-use 128oz growler features an automatic regulator cap that holds CO2 internally, allowing for variable carbonation up to 15 psi and dispenses your beer or favourite craft beverage (cocktails!) without removing the cap. Full features include:

  • CO2 regulator cap keeps oxygen out and continuously maintains pressure
  • Sight glass lets you know what's left in your keg
  • Pressure gauge allows you to set your delivery pressure
  • Interchangeable tap handle to display your favourite brew
  • Tap locks for easy transport
  • Pours pints like you are sitting at your favourite brewery!
  • Double walled vaccuum insulated stainless construction for durability and insulation
  • Ability to force carbonate
  • 128oz = 8 pints
  • Available in either Copper or Matte Black, both with gold trimmings
  • Included in your purchase are - full Owner's Manual, tool kit, 2 CO2 cartridges, 1 year limited warranty (through GrowlerWerks)

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