El Caballero IPA (Single 473ml Can) *CELLAR SERIES *SEASONAL*

El Caballero IPA (Single 473ml Can) *CELLAR SERIES *SEASONAL*

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TEQUILA BARREL AGED EL CABALLERO IPA is of an older generation. Respect, honestly and a diligent work ethic are things that he values the most. He is someone who appreciates that a clean floor is a happy floor and will go out his way to ensure that it is so. He will relentlessly seek to understand the variables of a situation and ponder where innovations could be made through people, product or process. It may take him a while to choose a path or direction, but he is constantly moving.


We let the tequila notes in this refreshing beer reflect the positivity and humour he shines onto the world around him. We raise our glass to El Caballero who left a great mark on the grizzly paw and wish him great success in Mexico! Salud!


7.4%  | IBU 52

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